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"Hoping to raise everyones appreciation of wildlife, habitat and our planet through my art."

sandorPeter Alexander, (Sándor in Hungarian) was born a twin on January 1st, 1947, about one hundred miles from Vienna. He grew up in a little Hungarian village surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards. His family all lived together in a large farmhouse owned by his grandparents who owned vineyards and supplied grapes to large cities in the country. Sándor started showing an interest in being an artist at the early age of six and was inspired by the famous European artist, Pataki, who happened to live in the same village. In 1956, his family left Hungary under the hail of gunfire and flares in the middle of the night to escape the tyranny and oppression of Communism. An international agency gave the family a choice of three countries to immigrate to: Canada, Australia or the United States. Of course, they chose the land of the free, America. Eventually they settled in the state of Connecticut where Sándor continued his art education in New England by winning an art scholarship.

Throughout the many years he never forgot his beloved native land and his wonderful childhood memories; the place where he fell in love with art and the natural world.As Sándor said in his own words, “Living in Europe in the 1950′s was a much slower, simpler way of life. Everything seemed wonderful because I saw it through the eyes of an innocent child, playing with my twin sister, Magdalena, and watching wild geese migrating, laying on the grass for countless hours. My sister was my best friend. She protected me and we shared many precious memories of our adventures together. As I recall it now, try to imagine traveling back in a time machine to a magical old world of incredible beautiful surroundings, of faraway snow-capped mountains and hearing the faint sound of a wolf calling its mate. This is a place where horse-drawn buggies are used for transportation. The blacksmith in the village still wields his big hammer silhouetted against the scorching bright sparks. The village is dotted by quaint stone farmhouses with storks nesting on their chimneys, caring for their young; or, spending the afternoon with my dear old grandfather watching the workers unloading sacks of grain from the wagon to be ground into fine flour by an enormous stone wheel weighing several tons, driven by nothing more than the force of a rushing river.

alexander sandorIn the wintertime, the family would go out for the day in a sled pulled by a team of powerful horses as we glided effortlessly through a winter wonderland of seemingly endless snow-covered wilderness that stretched as far as the eye could see. Even now, I can feel the cold wind on my face and I will never forget the sound of the snow crunching under the weight of the sled. Little did we know then, that it was our last family sleigh ride together and this simple way of life was soon to be over forever–an end of an era. Yet, I thank God that amazingly, even after the fifty plus years, I am still able to remember it all in such vivid detail. Being an artist and and actual eye witness to this natural beauty, made a lasting impression on me and the way that I paint.”

I’m proud to be a U.S. citizen for over fifty years“.

Style. Contemporary Impressionist

Medium. Oil on Canvas

Subjects. Nature, Wildlife and Commission Portraits

Sales. Many, including commissions around the world


TEACHER – of oil techniques and applications

JUDGE – for art exhibits

CONTRACT ARTIST – for fine art galleries


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