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"Hoping to raise everyones appreciation of wildlife, habitat and our planet through my art."

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I created this site to display the works of Peter Alexander Sándor. I have been a close friend of the family for many years now. Sándor has been approached many times concerning displaying his works on the net. His family and friends also felt that he needed to share his works beyond the cities in which he has resided. Convincing Sándor of that has been where the obstacle resides. Sándor will not even look at a computer screen for more than a few seconds let alone touch a keyboard. That, along with previous negative related experiences, has kept his works exclusive to all but the immediate, until now.

With the economy going awry and so many world issues plaguing all of our minds daily, Sándor desired to create a place of peace. He has always focused on raising everyone’s awareness of our fragile environment through his art. Someone once referred to him as The Painter of Life. That name has stuck with him over the years. His incredible talent, along with his faith in the Lord has given us many beautiful works of art. These pieces have not only raised environmental awareness but, the personal self awareness of those who gaze into his canvas worlds.

Sándor has dealt with art galleries and auctions in the past. He was disgusted with the fact that the five to fifteen hundred percent markups prevented his art from being enjoyed by many. His solution was to set up on the side of the road on the weekends to sell his works in the blazing Florida sun. He has done this faithfully and successfully for a few years now.

One day, in late May, as I sat there sweltering with him on the side of the road drinking some cold water, he looked over at me, and in his strong Austro-Hungarian accent he said; “Jim, I want you to create a place of peace. Okay? Bye bye then.” Surprised, I glanced over the plastic cup of water I was drinking from in attempt to absorb what I had just heard. I didn’t ask him what changed his mind but, the conversation we were having concerned how hard it is to find peace nowadays or even afford doing the little things that can make us happy outside of the home. Additionally, our discussion included our noticing a major decrease in the passers by and people stopping to walk through his road side gallery. I think he came to the realization that maybe he could find other means to promote his cause without compromising his scope.

Sándor allowed me to snap some pictures of his works as they stood there propped against each other in the grass and on easels. You may even notice some hot dry grass embracing the bottom of some of the images. He does not allow pictures of his works and especially has never allowed anyone full access to handle them. Sándor has entrusted me with something I consider a privilege. Today, to the best of my ability, I present to you my attempt to relay Peter Alexander Sándors’ place of peace.

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