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"Hoping to raise everyones appreciation of wildlife, habitat and our planet through my art."

Below is the contact information for Sándor.

Sándor is retiring soon and his works are in great demand as always. Now is the time to aquire his paintings for your own collection or investment. Initially, most of his works were to be distributed among his family and stored. However, Sándor has decided that he will continue to sell his works until his retirement.

Sándor desires to continually promote awareness of nature and our fragile environment until he is no longer with us. His beautiful paintings will continue to do that even after he is gone. Upon his passing, his paintings will increase in value. Sándor guarantees both will happen.

You may contact Sándor below to request a purchase. Sándor will also create custom paintings based on a picture you send him. This includes portraits, which make great gifts. There is a waiting list for custom works but, those who purchase one of his existing paintings get special attention. ;-)

I, as the webmaster here, am doing my best to catalog his available works. This is very time consuming and difficult. I will eventually have a numbered list of all his available works with names and sizes. Until then you can view the Gallery Tour and note the paintings number (e.g. 701.png) in your purchase request.

Studio- 727-290-6350
Peter Alexander Sandor
Thank you.